Eggs in trays – do a little more recycling

eggs in trays

Yes, it’s Throwback Thursday and it’s true, we now have eggs in trays. Just a little more nostalgia from us in quintessentially British Godshill.

All of my lovely free range eggs now arrive from the farm on trays, which means the trays can go back to be re-filled and re-used. It also means you can do your little bit to help the recycling effort by bringing in your own egg boxes for a fill up. I can even help you to get started by providing you with an egg box which you can bring back and have refilled 👍😊

PS – does anyone remember buying eggs on the continent (or elsewhere?) in brown paper bags and paying per egg or by weight?

Thanks to our regulars and more new customers – everyone loves donuts!


January always tends to be a very quiet month in Godshill. However, perhaps Spring is coming earlier as it has been great this week to see new customers alongside the regulars.

Why is it I never seem to have enough donuts (or should that be doughnuts?) on a Saturday? I do my best not to eat them but, hey, don’t I deserve the odd one, seeing as it is me that orders them from Island Bakers! Don’t forget that you can always place an order for donuts so that you can guarantee to have a treat on a Saturday morning with your coffee.

One last reminder to all those who love my veg boxes. You need to get your order in to me no later than NOON on a THURSDAY. This week I’m pleased to say that the price is down to £8 and your box will contain:

Squash (great for roasting, soup and my favourite wedges)
Brussel Sprouts

You can even add on half a dozen free range eggs for just an additional £1.50

We take orders too!


We have regular deliveries from our suppliers and, if you can let us know your requirements, we can add it to our order and keep it ready for you to collect.

ProducePlease place your order on:For collection by you on:
Goats Kefir and MilkTuesdaySaturday / Sunday
MeatThursdaySaturday / Sunday
BreadThursdaySaturday / Sunday
Veggie BoxThursday before NOONSaturday / Sunday

We now have a website!

website the pantry

Welcome to our new website. We went live on Tuesday 23 January 2017.

Now 3 months old!

We opened The Pantry at the end of October 2017. We are in Church Hollow, on the opposite side of the road to The Bat’s Wing.

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